Junk removal box truck with old furniture and donations inside.

Evolution Disposal offers residential & commercial junk removal services to Front Royal and the surrounding areas such as Winchester, Stephens City, Shawnee Land, Lake Holiday, Lake Frederick, Star Tannery, Middletown, Stephenson, Gore, Clear Brook, Cross Junction, Jordan Springs, and so many more areas.

With our junk hauling service we remove all types of furniture, old appliances, yard waste, trash, construction/remodel debris, tvs, mattresses/box springs, hot tubs, sheds, and more. We can remove these items from anywhere in your home or property. No need to move any of the items yourself. Allow us to do all of the work.

Evolution Disposal is fully insured and our team members are trained, friendly professionals.

We offer free junk removal estimates as well as contactless estimates by photos and FaceTime.

Our trucks are almost twice the size of the average junk removal truck in our service area. Instead of paying for a full load with them, you would only be paying for half of a load with us.
What we can fit in one full load would take others almost two full loads which could cost you twice as much.

Keeping our community safe, clean, and beautiful is our top priority. We make sure to keep unnecessary items out of the landfill. We do this by recycling, reusing, and donating your old furniture and unwanted items. Items that are damaged or have stains can not be donated. With our larger trucks we are able to separate the donations to keep them safe during transportation. Our box trucks keep all of their contents inside which helps keep Front Royal, VA clear of litter.

Evolution Disposal also offers junk removal services to nearby areas like Berryville, Purcellville, Leesburg, White Post, Ashburn, Sterling, Strasburg, and many other Virginia areas.

  • Our family-owned junk hauling company is located in Winchester, VA

  • Receive quick & free junk removal estimates easily here on our website.

  • There are never any hidden fees added.

  • Our team is friendly, professional, and fully insured.

  • Our junk hauling trucks are almost double the size of the average junk hauling truck that operates in our service area. If your items were to entirely fill the average-sized truck, those same items would only fill 57% of ours. One full load in our truck would take others almost two full loads. They would have to take a trip to the landfill halfway through the job or bring two hauling trucks. The additional trips, employees, and trucks may increase their cost greatly.

  • Items in good condition that could be reused by others in our community will be donated as long as they are accepted by the donation center.

  • Junk removal by pickup trucks and trailers might not be able to transport your donations safely and may have to take several trips to the local landfill for larger removals. These trucks and trailers could add to the litter in our community.

1. Start by receiving a free junk removal estimate.

2. Schedule your junk pickup online or after receiving your free estimate.

3. When we are on the way to your home, we will contact you to remind you of the appointment.

4. Once our crew arrives, they will ask you to show them the items that you need removed/donated. If you have not already received an estimate, the crew will provide you with one before the removal. If you are happy with the estimate our team will get to work, removing your items safely and carefully.

5. When all of the items are loaded into our junk hauling truck we will ask you to make sure we have removed all of the requested items.

6. You may pay by cash, a card, or a check and we will provide you with a receipt for our service.

7. If the crew removed any items that a local donation center will accept, they will transport those items to them. After dropping off the donations they take what can't be reused to the landfill.

Pricing chart showing our larger junk removal trucks compared to smaller trucks.

The cost of junk removal is most often based off of the amount of space the items take up in the truck. Our larger junk hauling truck can fit up to 28 cubic yards of junk! The average junk truck that operates in our service area can only fit up to 16 cubic yards.

Your old furniture and appliances will take up much less space in our truck which will save you money. For larger removals, the average-sized truck would need almost two fully filled trucks to fit as much as we can fit in just one full truck.

These smaller trucks may have to take multiple trips to the landfill during the job or send additional trucks. When they add the extra trips to the landfill or additional trucks and employees it may increase the cost of your removal.

You will save time, money, and unnecessary fuel waste by using Evolution Disposal.

Larger items and structures like pianos, hot tubs, play-sets, sheds, trampolines, and above ground pools have an increased cost.

We make receiving estimates absolutely quick and easy! Our free estimate form can be filled out in just minutes and you will receive your estimate as soon as our team evaluates the submission.

Do you have a home that you are preparing to sell or rent out to a tenant?
Allow Evolution Disposal to provide quick and careful property cleanout services.

Our junk removal trucks can fit up to 28 cubic yards of junk side while others in our service area can only fit 16. When it comes to property cleanouts, Evolution Disposal is the preferred choice. With our larger trucks we can fit more of your old furniture, appliances, and trash. This allows us to take less trips to the landfill which will save your time, money, and doesn't lead to any unnecessary fuel waste. Companies with smaller trucks may require more trips to the landfill or may need to bring more trucks and employees which could increase the cost to clear out your property.

The contents of cabinets and refrigerators will not have to be emptied or bagged beforehand. Allow us to do all of bagging and lifting.

If any items at the property are in proper working condition and can be reused, we make sure to donate anything donation centers will accept.

Fill out the free estimate form on our website for a free quote or call us at 703-431-4851. We can also set up a free in-person estimate!

Preparing a property for an estate sale or for a tenant to move in can be expensive and a lot of work. You can count on Evolution Disposal to reduce your costs and make the process faster and easier.

Old broken hot tub in Front Royal, Virginia.

Your old hot tub may become a home for unwanted rodents, snakes, and bugs. Allow us to safely remove it and clear up more space in your backyard and patio.

We make your hot tub removal quick, safe, and easy.

Fill out the free estimate form on our website to receive a free quote. If you are happy with the cost we will schedule the removal. Before the removal of your hot tub we would need you to have the hot tub drained and disconnected from the power source. We remove the hot tub by safely cutting it apart. We load the hot tub parts into our truck and clean up the area where the hot tub was sitting.

While we are at your home removing your old hot tub, we can remove your old furniture, appliances, trash, and more during the same trip!

With our junk removal truck we remove all types of old appliances, furniture, trash, electronics, and more. We can also breakdown and remove your old sheds, hot tubs, outhouses, trampolines, above ground swimming pools, and we can remove playsets and swing sets.

When you donate your old furniture and unwanted items, you will be helping others in our community. While removing your unwanted items we will separate what can be donated and the rest will go to the landfill.

If you have any questions or concerns give us a call at 703-431-4851 or use the link below.

Junk Removal & Junk Hauling in Front Royal, Virginia

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