As a local family-owned company it is easier for us to focus on our customer's needs.

With convenient text message customer support and extended work hours, we guarantee high-quality customer service.

We offer free junk removal estimates and contactless estimates by photos and FaceTime.

We are 100% insured and our team members are trained, uniformed professionals.


The cost of junk removal is usually determined by the amount of space the items take up in the truck.

The average junk removal truck in our service area only holds 16 cubic yards of junk.

Our trucks can hold 28 cubic yards of junk.

A full load in the average-sized truck would only fill 57% of our truck.

Instead of paying for a full load with them you would only be paying for half of a load with us.

What we can fit in one full load would take others almost two full loads which could cost you twice as much.

Smaller trucks and trailers might not be able to safely transport your donations and may require multiple trips to the landfill for larger jobs. These extra trips to the landfill will make the job take longer and could cost you more.


As a local waste disposal company we understand the importance our role plays in reducing the amount of refuse disposed at the landfill. Keeping our communities safe, clean, and beautiful is one of our top priorities. We do everything in our power to keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills. We achieve this by recycling, reusing, or donating any and all items possible. We have even given damaged furniture away to be restored.

Our larger trucks allow us to separate these items to keep them safe during transportation.

Junk removal by pickup trucks and trailers may contribute to the litter in our communities. With our closed in box trucks, we keep all of our contents inside and our communities clean.