This page is only for those signed up for our collection services.

If you are not signed up for collection, use the links below.

How To Use The Customer Support Form

  • When you make a selection, it will open up more options further down on the form.

  • To make changes to your account select "My Account" and then scroll down.

  • You may also type in a question under "How can we help you?". Typing in a question will often provide you with an instant answer without even having to submit the form. You may have to scroll down to see if the answer was provided or if part of the form opens up to assist you. It does not have to be a question, you could even type something like "I would like to add recycling collection."

  • To submit the form, make your selections, fill out the rest of the form, and then select "Submit".

  • Some selections such as, viewing the holiday schedule, you will not need to submit the form. The holiday schedule is shown on the form.

  • After submitting the form we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • NEVER enter your full card number on the form.

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