Looking for Quick and Reliable Junk Hauling Services?


If you're looking for affordable junk removal pricing in Winchester, VA, hire Evolution Disposal. Our low prices combined with our friendly service make us a preferred choice. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Check out our pricing list below:

  • $150 for a 1/8 filled truck
  • $240 for a 1/4 filled truck
  • $300 for a 3/8 filled truck
  • $360 for a 1/2 filled truck
  • $400 for a 5/8 filled truck
  • $440 for a 3/4 filled truck
  • $600 for a fully filled truck

Evolution Disposal Truck SizeAverage Junk Truck Size Comparison
Full Truck = 28 Cubic YardsFull Truck = 15 Cubic Yards
3/4 Truck = 21 Cubic Yards3/4 Truck = 11.25 Cubic Yards
5/8 Truck = 17.5 Cubic Yards5/8 Truck = 9.375 Cubic Yards
1/2 Truck = 14 Cubic Yards1/2 Truck = 7.5 Cubic Yards
3/8 Truck = 10.5 Cubic Yards3/8 Truck = 5.625 Cubic Yards
1/4 Truck = 7 Cubic Yards1/4 Truck = 3.75 Cubic Yards
1/8 Truck = 3.5 Cubic Yards1/8 Truck = 1.875 Cubic Yards

But Why is this information important?

As shown above you can see our truck size is significantly larger than that of our competitors. A larger truck has a number of advantages.

  • More for your money - As you can see it would take the average truck/company nearly 2 Full Trucks to equal 1 Full Truck with us. This means by choosing to work with Evolution Disposal you could save yourself from paying for an additional truck load with other businesses.
  • Saves you time - A larger truck means less trips to the dump which means the job gets completed faster with less hassle.

We always charge a minimum of $100 for our pick up services. Depending on how heavy your load is, we could charge an additional $25 for a 1/4 truck or $15 for a 1/8 truck. Call 703-431-4851 today for more information about our junk removal pricing.

See what kinds of heavy items we can remove

When you get our junk removal services, you'll have a two-hour window of free labor. After that, we charge an additional $60 every hour. You can count on us to remove:

  • A 4-person hot tub for $350
  • A 6-person hot tub for $450
  • An 8-person hot tub for $550
  • An upright piano for $300
  • A baby grand piano for $400
  • A grand piano for $550

We can also remove playground materials for anywhere from $200 to $700 and sheds for $150 plus sectional pricing. Get in touch with us now to learn more junk removal services in Winchester, VA.

Bigger Trucks

Bigger Savings

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