Pricing for junk removal services in Winchester, Virginia.

Looking for a Quick & Affordable Junk Removal Service?


If you are looking for affordable junk removal services in Frederick, Clarke, or Loudoun County hire Evolution Disposal, a locally owned and family operated company. Our prices combined with our friendly services make us a preferred choice in Northern Virginia.

Our team members are trained to provide a clear and upfront price. When working with us there are never any hidden fees or surprises!

The cost of junk removal is determined by a number of factors such as the amount of items, how much space the items take up in our truck, the weight, the location of the items, and the type of items.

How Much Space

The cost of junk removal is mostly determined by the amount of space the items take up in our truck. In our service area the average junk removal truck can only fit 16 cubic yards of junk in a full load. Our larger junk removal trucks can fit 28 cubic yards of junk!

One full load in a 16 cubic yard truck would only fill up 57% of our truck. One full load in our 28 cubic yard truck would take one full 16 cubic yard truck and 3/4 of a load.

Since a second load would be required with the smaller trucks, they would have to head to the landfill halfway through the job or bring two trucks. These additional trips to the landfill & extra trucks and employees may increase their cost greatly and make the job take longer to complete.

The Weight & Type of Items

Not always is weight a factor in the pricing. Weight may increase the cost for removals such as construction & remodel debris, logs, masonry material, gym equipment, and other very heavy items that do not take up a lot of space.

Overweight items such as pianos, safes, pool tables, sheds, play-sets, and hot tubs are priced differently.

Depending on what county you are located in, televisions and monitors may have an increased cost due to the fee to dispose of them properly at the landfill.

Item Location

In most cases the item's location does not affect the cost. We are happy to remove your items from where they are currently located.

Overweight items being carried up or down multiple flights of stairs may increase the cost.

If our truck has to be parked very far from the items, this may increase the cost as well.


Labor is typically only added to the removal if our crew will be bagging up loose items or demolishing large sheds. You can skip this additional cost by bagging up loose items such as paper, clothing, trash, and other very small items.


A free estimate is just a click away. The form only takes a moment to fill out and our team will send your free estimate as soon as possible. If you are happy with the estimate we will schedule the appointment.

If you would like to receive a free estimate or schedule a pickup give us a call at 703-431-4851 or follow the links below. 

junk removal truck in winchester virginia.
Evolution Disposal Truck Size
junk hauling truck in winchester virginia.
Average Junk Truck Size
Full Truck = 28 Cubic YardsFull Truck = 16 Cubic Yards
3/4 Truck = 21 Cubic Yards3/4 Truck = 12 Cubic Yards
5/8 Truck = 17.5 Cubic Yards5/8 Truck = 10 Cubic Yards
1/2 Truck = 14 Cubic Yards1/2 Truck = 8 Cubic Yards
3/8 Truck = 10.5 Cubic Yards3/8 Truck = 6 Cubic Yards
1/4 Truck = 7 Cubic Yards1/4 Truck = 4 Cubic Yards
1/8 Truck = 3.5 Cubic Yards1/8 Truck = 2 Cubic Yards

As shown above you can see our truck size is significantly larger than the average junk removal truck in our service area. A larger truck has a number of advantages.

  • More for your money - As you can see it would take the average truck/company nearly 2 full trucks to equal 1 full truck with us. This means by choosing to work with Evolution Disposal you could save yourself from paying for an additional truck load with other businesses.
  • Saves you time - A larger truck means less trips to the dump which means the job gets completed faster with less hassle.
  • Room for donations - With our larger trucks we can keep your junk separated from your donations to keep them safe during transportation.  
  • 14’ Long - With our trucks also being longer than the average truck, there will be no time wasted or any additional fees from cutting or breaking down certain items. We can fit up to 14’ boards from your construction site, home, or property. Other companies might have to cut the boards which may cost you extra.

Bigger Trucks

Bigger Savings

Better Value