Schedule hot tub removal services in Winchester or Leesburg, VA

Evolution Disposal is a locally owned & family operated company that can take care of your unwanted hot tub safely and affordably.

An old, broken, or unused hot tub sitting on your property can become much more than an irritating eye sore. Snakes, insects, and other pests have been known to make homes from hot tubs that are left unattended or unused.

We always provide upfront pricing that includes all labor & disposal costs. When working with Evolution Disposal you will never experience any hidden fees or surprises.

Give us a call at 703-431-4851 to schedule your Hot Tub Removal. Prior to scheduling an appointment, you may text photos of your hot tub to 703-431-4851 to receive a free estimate.

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What to expect on the day of your hot tub removal appointment:

Our team members will call you to let you know that we are on the way.

After we have introduced ourselves our team members will verify that the hot tub has been drained and the electricity has been shut off/disconnected. This is necessary because we often must completely dismantle and cut apart your hot tub. Therefore, for the safety of our team as well as your home we require all hot tubs must be drained and the electricity be shut off/disconnected.

Now that we know we can work safely; we will begin to work on your hot tub. The amount of time it takes from start to finish can vary depending on the size and location of your hot tub. But on average our team can cut up, dismantle, and clean up all the debris in under 2 hours.

Before we wrap up, we will double check the area for any loose debris. Once we are sure the area is clear we accept payment of either cash, card, or check.

And of course, once we leave your home, we will dispose of the hot tub properly and recycle what we can.