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Two junk removal company pickup trucks in Purcellville, Virginia.

Evolution Disposal is a local family-owned junk removal company offering junk hauling and furniture removal services in Purcellville, Virginia. Our family grew up in Round Hill and went to school in Purcellville, so we are proud to be providing services in this area.

We provide residential & commercial junk removal services to Purcellville and the surrounding areas in Loudoun County such as Round Hill, Leesburg, Hamilton, Waterford, Bluemont, Aldie, Lovettsville, Ashburn, Sterling, Winchester, Stephens City, Berryville, and many other areas in Northern Virginia.

We remove furniture, appliances, yard waste, trash, construction/remodel debris, mattresses, televisions, electronics, tires, pianos, scrap metal, and so much more!

We can also breakdown and remove sheds, hot tubs, above ground swimming pools, trampolines, outhouses,

You can receive a quick and free junk pickup estimate using the estimate form here on our website. Filling out the form is easy and we send your estimate as soon as possible.

Our junk removal trucks are about twice the size of the average junk removal truck in our service area. Our trucks can fit up to 28 cubic yards of junk while the average truck fits 16 cubic yards. Instead of paying for a full truck load with them, you would only be paying for half of a truck load with Evolution Disposal.
One fully filled truck with us would be 1 full truck + 3/4 of a full truck with others. They would need to leave halfway through the job to go to the landfill or they would need to bring an additional truck. The additional trip to the landfill or the additional truck and employees may increase the cost when using their service.

Evolution Disposal will save you time and money with our larger trucks!

You old furniture and unwanted items may not go to waste, we will donate your items as long as the donation centers will accept them. Items that are damaged, stained, contain holes, or have odors can not be donated. Our larger truck allows us to separate the donations to keep them safe during transportation.

  • Evolution Disposal is family-owned & local.

  • You can receive a fast and free junk removal estimate here on our website.

  • Upfront pricing with absolutely no hidden fees.

  • We are 100% insured and our team members are friendly, trained professionals.

  • Our larger trucks will provide you with the lowest cost for your clean-outs.

  • We do everything in our power to keep unnecessary waste out of our landfills. We achieve this by recycling, reusing, or donating any and all items possible. We have even given damaged furniture away to be restored.

  • Smaller trucks and trailers might not be able to safely transport your donations/reusable items and may also require multiple trips to the landfill for larger removals. These extra trips to the landfill will make the job take longer and could even cost you more.

  • Junk removal by pickup trucks and trailers may contribute to the litter in our community. Our junk removal box trucks keep all of their contents inside to help keep Purcellville, VA clean and safe.

1. Get your free junk removal estimate here on our website. Our friendly team will contact you as soon as possible with your estimate. If you are happy with the estimate we will schedule the appointment. Our team will remove the items from where they are currently located. Allow us to do all of the work.

2. If you would like to skip the free estimate, you can schedule your junk pickup online.

3. On the day of your scheduled appointment we will contact you when we are on the way.

4. Our team members arrive fully prepared - We will ask you to show us around to verify everyone knows exactly what needs to be done. If you have not already received an estimate, we will provide you with one before we get to work.

5. After the items are safely loaded into our junk removal truck, we will have you check to make sure we have not missed anything.

6. We then accept payment by cash, card, or a check and we will provide you with a receipt for our services. We can provide you with a paper receipt or email the receipt to you.

7. After we leave your home we take the reusable items to a local donation center. After dropping off the donations we take what can not be reused to the landfill in Leesburg, Virginia.

Cost of junk removal services in Purcellville, Virginia.

The cost of junk removal is usually determined by the amount of space the items take up in our junk removal truck. However, there are some items that are charged differently. Items such as bricks, stones, construction debris, exercise equipment, weights, pianos, hot tubs, sheds, may affect the cost differently. In some cases the location of the items may impact the cost.

Our team members are trained to provide a clear and upfront price. When working with us there are never any hidden fees or surprises!
You can receive a very quick and absolutely free junk hauling estimate on our website.

In our service area, the average junk removal truck can only fit up to 16 cubic yards of junk. Our larger junk removal trucks can fit up to 28 cubic yards of junk!

A full load in the average-sized truck would only fill 57% of our truck.
Why pay for a full truck load with them when you would only have to pay for about half of a truck load with us?

What we can fit in 1 full truck would take almost 2 full trucks with 16 cubic yard trucks.
They would need to bring two trucks and additional employees or take extra trips to the landfill which could increase the cost and the timing of the job greatly.

Junk removal purcellville va

WIth our property cleanout service we can clear out your entire property before an estate sale, after a loved one passes, before & after moving, during hoarding situations, or if you’re just trying to free up space within your home.

Evolution Disposal is the preferred choice for property cleanouts in Purcellville due to our much larger junk removal trucks. Our junk removal trucks can fit up to 28 cubic yards of junk while the average junk truck only fits 16 cubic yards. 1 full load with our junk truck would take almost 2 full trucks with others. This may cost you twice as much and could increase the time that the job is completed in.

A hot tub before the removal in Purcellville, Virginia.

Allow us to safely remove your old hot tub before it becomes a home for unwanted pests like snakes and spiders.

The hot tub is removed by us cutting it into sections and loading it into our junk removal box truck. After the hot tub has been removed from the area we will clean up the area where the hot tub was sitting.

Before the removal of your hot tub, it would need to be disconnected from the power and drained of all water.

You can count on Evolution Disposal for safe and affordable hot tub removal in Purcellville, VA.

Playset junk removal in Purcellville, Virginia

We remove much more than your junk/trash, furniture, appliances, and electronics. We can also remove sheds, above ground pools, trampolines, hot tubs, outhouses, and remove playsets and swing sets.

Evolution Disposal can get rid of all types of furniture. We can remove chairs, tables, dressers, nightstands, bookshelves, couch, desks, loveseats, armoires, and so much more! These items can be located anywhere in your home. We can remove furniture from your basement, top floor, attic, shed, garage, storage unit, anywhere!

We do our best to make sure all furniture that is in good condition will be donated. Donation centers do not accept mattresses or anything with damage, stains, holes, or odors.

If you are looking to get rid of your furniture in Purcellville, Virginia look no further. You can get a quick and free junk removal estimate on our website or by sending photos to 703-431-4851.

By donating your unwanted items you can help out others in our community and keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Your old furniture, appliances, and unwanted items wont go to waste with Evolution Disposal.

Donation centers will not accept items that are stained, damaged/broken, or items that have odors. Appliances that are not fully functional will be recycled.

Have any questions? Feel free to give us a call or text message at 703-431-4851 or use the link below.

Junk Removal & Junk Hauling in Purcellville, Virginia

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