Junk Removal Services in Sterling, VA

Evolution Disposal offers junk removal services in Sterling, Virginia.

Junk removal company in Sterling, Virginia.

Evolution Disposal is a family-owned company offering junk removal and junk pickup services in Sterling, VA and other areas within Loudoun County such as Leesburg, Purcellville, Ashburn, Aldie, Waterford, Hamilton, Lovettsville, and Round Hill.

Our locally owned junk removal company can get rid of your old furniture, appliances, trash, electronics, playsets, hot tubs, sheds, and so much more in Sterling, Virginia.

You can receive a free junk removal estimate at any time using the free estimate form on our website. You may also give us a call at 703-431-4851 or send photos to this number.

Due to our junk removal trucks being almost double the size of the average junk truck we are able to remove more for less!

  • Family-owned.

  • We provide quick and free junk removal estimates so you do not have to wait until we arrive to know what the cost may be.

  • There are never any hidden fees added. We make sure you are aware of everything.

  • Our team members are trained to work safely and carefully and we are 100% insured.

  • The average junk removal truck that operates in our service area can only fit sixteen cubic yards of junk. Our larger junk removal trucks can fit up to twenty-eight cubic yards of junk. If your items were to completely fill up their truck, those same items would only fill up about half of our truck which would save you money.

  • Not everything is junk. Your reusable items will be donated as long as they do not have any damage, stains, odors, and if they are accepted by the donation center.

  • Smaller junk trucks and junk removal by trucks with trailers could greatly increase the cost and time that the removal takes to complete due to multiple trips to the landfill and paying for several full loads.

  • Companies using pickup trucks with trailers may contribute to the litter in our community while on their way to the landfill. With our box trucks all of the contents remain inside and help keep Sterling, Virginia clear of litter.

1. If you are looking to get an idea on how much the removal may cost, you should start by getting a free junk removal estimate using our quick and easy form. We contact you with your estimate as soon as possible and from there you can schedule the appointment.

2. You could also schedule your junk pickup online and receive your free estimate once we arrive for the removal. You can also schedule by giving us a call at 703-431-4851.

3. On the day of your scheduled removal we will contact you when we are on the way to your home.

4. Our crew arrives prepared to work. They will ask you to show them the items that will be removed and the best routes to take the items safely through your home.

5. Our team will begin the removal and carefully remove all of your unwanted items.

6. Once the removal is complete our team will have you verify that all of the items have been removed and nothing has been overlooked. Payment is then taken in person by cash, card, or a check.

7. Our team will thank you and leave your home. If there are items that a donation center will accept, those items will be donated. Metal and non-functional appliances will be recycled. The rest of the items are taken to the landfill in Leesburg, VA.

The cost of junk removal in Sterling virginia, junk removal pricing

With our larger junk removal trucks we are able to provide some of the best pricing in Sterling, Virginia when compared to other licensed and insured junk hauling companies.

The cost of junk removal is most often based off of the amount of space your junk & donations take up in the truck. The weight, item type, and location of the items may impact the cost as well.

Average Junk Truck Size: 16 cubic yards
Evolution Disposal Truck Size: 28 cubic yards

Our larger junk removal trucks help us provide quicker and more affordable service.

A half load with our truck is 14 cubic yards while 16 cubic yards would be a full load with the average truck size.
A half load with their trucks would only be about a quarter load with our truck.
For larger removals, 3 full 16 cubic yard trucks would only be 1 full load and 3/4 of a load with our trucks!

Our larger trucks help reduce the cost of your removal by taking up less space in our trucks and getting the job done faster. Companies with smaller trucks could charge you extra for the multiple trips to the landfill or additional trucks and employees brought to your home. The extra trips to the landfill could also greatly increase the time that the removal takes to complete.

Junk Removal Sterling VA

We are the #1 choice for property cleanouts due to our larger trucks and friendly professional team. Whether you are moving, getting ready to sell, or preparing a home for tenant, Evolution Disposal is here to speed up and simplify the process.

Most property cleanouts involve the removal of many large pieces of furniture and loose items all around. Those large pieces of furniture can fill up a truck quickly. Our larger junk removal trucks help provide you with the best cost. The average junk truck fits 16 cubic yards while ours can fit up to 28 which will provide more space for all of your large furniture.

Not only can our team get rid of the unwanted furniture and appliances, we can also bag up all loose trash and items.

We provide free online and in-person estimates!

hot tub removal in Sterling Virginia, junk hauling, get rid of a hot tub

Hot Tub Removal in Sterling, VA

Safe & Affordable Hot Tub Removal in Sterling, Virginia.

Your old rotting hot tub is taking up space in your backyard and becoming a home for unwanted bugs, snakes, and critters.

For a free estimate to get rid of your hot tub fill out our junk removal estimate form.

Before we get rid of your hot tub it would need to be drained and disconnected from the power. Our team removes the hot tub by safely cutting it apart and hauling it away. We always make sure to clean up the area after the removal.

Turn to Evolution Disposal for safe and affordable hot tub removal in Sterling, VA.

Playset & Swing set removal in Sterling Virginia

Evolution Disposal gets rid of furniture, appliances, electronics, trash, mattresses and more!
We can also demolish and remove sheds, above ground pools, hot tubs, outhouses, and demolish & remove playsets/swing sets.

Not all of your unwanted items are junk. We can donate your unwanted furniture to help others and to prevent filling up the landfills with reusable items. We can only donate what donation centers will accept. Anything damaged, stained, or containing odors can not be donated. They do not accept mattresses.

Junk Removal & Junk Hauling Services in Sterling, Virginia